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Hey there! So if you found this page and are concerned that there's no activity, please try and join the FB page I created for Cen Cal: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1768846010008859?ref=bookmarks
I hope to revive the community!

Is this livejournal still alive?

I recently moved to central california for college and I was looking if there was any local communities, but this is the closet I could find to any central california lolita scene! Being in the middle of california makes it hard since its a bit too far to go to LA or San Fransico just for a meetup. So any central california loli's still out there, or is this page completely dead? *echo* :<

What's in Store for Fashion at PMX 2010

Hope everyone is having a nice summer so far! We look forward to seeing you in the fall at PMX because we have some great things in the works for this year’s fashion program. First, we’re bringing back the Fashion Show! And what’s a fashion show without shopping? We will have a Fashion Hall for all your trendy needs, and by popular demand we will have a special swap meet!
Pre-register to take advantage of the early bird price and start saving now for great clothes, accessories, and more… Stay tuned for details and more announcements!

Friend us to get the latest information and feel free to contact us with any questions via our journal or email: fashion@pacificmediaexpo.com

June meet up?

A handful of us Lemoore lolis (well, my circle of friends) would like to have a meet up with anyone in or near the area. The date is up to you guys. I'll be working all of July so my group will be unavailable until August. We're also leaving the location up to you guys. There isn't much in the Lemoore / Hanford part so maybe something in Visalia or Fresno?
do you guys think that we could have a mini meet up or something?

BTSSB Store Opening

Is anyone driving up to baby's store opening on the 15th?  Just curious ^^


How many conventions have you guys been to? I've only been to less than 5. In November I'm going to one in LA the PMX con.

First Post

Hi everyone!  I'm the mod.  I created this community with the hope that I could meet other people in the Fresno area who have an interest in EGL fashion!  Have fun, be nice!

Basic Rules:
-Please don't post things that are irrelevant to the community.
-Please don't troll.
-Please don't be personally insulting to other members.
-Put entries under a cut.
-Try really hard to keep it work-safe.
-Porn of any type is NOT ok.  This is not that kind of community.
-If you are a first time poster, please post an intro post.